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Отзыв о компании Погнали43 от Ивана

We had to meet mom in «Pobedilovo» airport, she is not as young as she used to be. So we render Kia RIO. We were pleasantly surprised with the car’s technical condition and cleanness. We had no trouble at all with it. We met our mom and had enough time to show her the city. I would like to thank your company for providing cars in such an excellent condition!


Отзыв о компании Погнали43 от Виталия

I rented Kia Ceed in "Pognali 43" for the holidays. I could not imagine that the car would be that good! And the company is great too. Thank you for the service you provide and special thanks to Oleg, the company’s director. No need to look though dozens of sites to find the nest car when we have your company.


Отзыв о работе компании от Марии

I would like to express gratitude to car rental company "Pognali 43". I’m a regular client and wanted to leave a review for a long time! Recently I rented BMW 5 Series to make a city tour for my friends. We loved it! Thanks!


Положительный отзыв о работе компании от Эльдара

I rented a car with this company. No drawbacks at all. The Lada Granta I rented was 2016 y.o.m. Everything quite good. better than other car rentals in Kirov. Hope for further cooperation))) The managers and the technical specialists are all very polite. It took me 15 minutes to rent the car and return it. It’s great! Thanks!


Отзыв о работе компании Погнали43 от Александры

Hi! Last week I rented a car here. Good terms for the clients, convenient, comfortable and clean cars. I will surely rent here again!


Отзыв о работе компании Погнали43 от Евгения

I have rented cars with Pognali 43 2 times and I hope I will rent again!!! From the very first day we developed trusting relations. The employs are very professional...


We came from Kazakhstan and rented a car. Everything worked like a clock. Great company! I will recommend it to anyone.


Отзыв о работе компании Погнали43 от Евгения

I often rent cars but I have to change companies quite often for different reasons. Their service is just not that good. Friends recommended "Pognali 43". This was entirely different. I rented BMW 5 Series. The car was delivered speckless clean which is very important for me. И сервис на уровне. And the managers blow your mind. Well, girls, you just have to rent cars here:)


Отзыв о работе компании Погнали43 от Дамира

I’m quite a demanding person and I rarely write reviews. When I do, it’s usually if it was very bad or really good. The team (in my case, Oleg) worked excellently. We often rent cars and I have to say that everything here was on a great level. Thank you. I really recommend this company! Advantages: deposit is returned 100%, good prices, hull insurance, convenient location and much more.


Отзыв о работе компании Погнали43 от Романа

I want to thank the Pognali 43 team for their work. I’m happy that I chose this rental company. Polite employees, quick work. They answered all my questions and gave advise on driving in Kirov. The car was clean and on-the-go. Me and my wife were happy with the car and services. I recommend Pognali 43!


Отзыв о работе компании Погнали43 от Федора

I rented a car for 2 days in Kirov (Kia Optima). Used to rent cars with another company but friends recommended Pognali 43. Same prices and deposit. But the car was in excellent conditions with no foreign odors in the saloon. The body looked brand-new! So, my impression of the cars and the rental company is great. I think that this is how any company should work. And they even promised my a discount if I rent again ;-)


Отзыв о работе компании Погнали43 от Алексея

This was my second time in Kirov. I have family here so we come to visit them and sightsee. In 2015 we needed a car to go to Velikoretskoe, me brother has one car and it;s not enough for 2 families. We found a car quickly in Pognali 43. The car was delivered complete with a child safety seat. We signed the contract and started off on our trip. I chose Kia Cerato, its condition was better than my brother’s car actually)) I loved Velikoretskoe. We also visited dendrarium, so nice taking a walk there when it’s hot! In august 2016 we came for Greenland festival! It’s a big event))) So flamboyant! We rented a car with Pognali 43 again, this time a new Kia RIO. All in all, when we come to Kirov, we have comfortable conditions for sightseeing! The children love it)) Us too! And Pognali 43 helps us out a lot!

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