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Kia Ceed SW New

  • rent a car Kia Ceed SW New
  • rent a car Kia Ceed SW New
  • rent a car Kia Ceed SW New
  • rent a car Kia Ceed SW New
  • rent a car Kia Ceed SW New

Kia Ceed SW New  is one the the state-of-the-art european cars famous for its technological solutions.

Its trendy design, interior ergonomics, ideal technical chracteristics and updated functionality Kia Ceed provides comfortable driving. The manufacturer’s modern approach to maximum safety guarantees your safety on the road. 

Kia Ceed enables the driver to feel 100% satisfied by driving!

Automatic transmission
95 petrol
5 people
Snow tyres

4000 rub.  from 24 h for VIP clients

5000 rub.  1 to 7 days

4800 rub. 7 to 14 days

4600 rub. 14 to 21 days

4400 rub. 21 days to 1 month

4000 rub. from 30 days

Daily mileage - 300 km. Further, for each kilometer - 15 rubles.

1 hour delay in delivery - 500 rubles



Order a rental


Car rental conditions


The main rental condition:

The renter must return the vehicle to the owner in the same condition in which the vehicle was rented.

Driver’s experience and age:

When renting a vehicle, the driver's experience must be at least 2 years. The Tenant's age is from 21 years.

Required documents:

A passport and driver's license must be provided. Foreigners need an entry visa, a migration card and an international driver's license.

Car mileage:

Daily mileage - 300 km. Further, for each kilometer - from 10 rubles * depending on the car.

Payment options:

Payment for car rental is made immediately for the entire rental period.

Safety deposit:

* The car is provided without collateral, if the age is over 21 years, experience is from 2 years, a trip within the Kirov region, no debt under the FSSP. In other cases. cars are rented with a security deposit of 1500 rubles, depending on the car, rental period, direction, etc. The security deposit is required to comply with the terms of the rental agreement. The deposit is returned to the client upon delivery of the car.