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Car rental for business

Today many companies do not spend on cars’ technical maintenance but rent cars. This is con-venient since there is no need to pay depreciation, taxes, driver salaries, insurance, incur costs for technical inspections, deal with insurance in case of an accident, and so on. Companies using «Pognali 43» rental services have long forgotten about it: they simply choose the car they like and drive!

Dmitry Konyshev, Pognali 43 manager, told us about what his company offers to corporate clients:

- We guarantee absolute quality to companies resorting to our transport services. We have over 30 cars, they are all quite new, not older than 2015. Tour clients can rest assures that the car will not let them down!

All cars are fully serviced, on the run and are complete with unlimited insurance.

By the way, we don’t rent our cars to taxis because we want our clients to handle cars with care.

- Dmitry, what are the cars?

- We have cars to fit every taste: from the budget Lada Granta (both with a manual transmission and automatic) to Kia Optima and Volkswagen Caravelle.

If you need a prestigious car for an event, business negotiations or meeting high-ranking guests, “Pognali 43” offer the car you need.

- Companies require correct documentation for accounting purposes.

- We provide all the necessary documentation. We sign a rental agreement, provide all the necessary accounting reports. We accept both cash and non-cash payments.

- How much time does the paperwork take?

- Not more than fifteen minutes. And if we have already signed a rental agreement, even faster: we only sign the Delivery-Acceptance act, and that’s all!

By the way:

Over the past month more than 100 clients used "Pognali 43» services including more than ten regular clients  - Kirov-based companies. We offer regular clients a flexible system of discounts and bonuses.