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Pognali 43: from small companies to branches of federal corporations

Small companies and federal corporations alike use «Pognali 43» car rental services in Kirov. Its car fleet includes 30+ new cars.

Andrey Markov, manager,  LLC «Vytskaya zima»:

- We have been renting cars with «Pognali 43» for 1,5 years now. We rent cars 2 or 3 times per month for field work in the Kirov region and other nearby regions. Business trips vary from several days to 2 weeks. «Pognali 43» car fleet lets us choose the right car for the trip. АWe rented Largus, Rio and Lada Granta. we have never been refused to rent a car due to the unavailability of cars



Oleg Makhnev, director, LLC «Vyatkamebel»:

- I learned about «Pognali 43» this year and started cooperation in April. I have rented cars three times for business trips to nearby regions. I rented Kia Rio, Kia Optima.

Of course, I have my own car but sometimes it’s being repaired and sometimes my family needs it more than me. That is where the Pognali 34 comes in. I have rented cars in other companies before, but Pognali 43 offers the best price and quality of services.



Stanislav Zakharischev, director, Kirov branch of LLC «AGM service»:

- Our company deals with installation, adjustment and maintenance of compressor equipment. Filed work is an essencial part go it. We have our own car fleet but sometimes cars need to be repaired. This is what happened in November when we resorted to «Pognali 43» services. We rented Vesta and Rio for business trips to Ukhta and Vologda. We were satisfied with the rented cars: they were new, fully maintenanced and we did not experience any technical difficulties. That’s why we will surely rent cars with this company again!

Our goal is to provide high-quality and available car rental!